Posted on: September 4th, 2018
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What happens if I don’t wear my orthodontic retainer?

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What happens if I don’t wear my orthodontic retainer?

If you don’t wear your retainer, then your teeth will move. Don’t risk the effort you and your orthodontist spent straightening your teeth! Protect your investment in your smile. Consistent daily use of your retainer will stop tooth movement. For best results, always keep a spare retainer on hand in case of loss or damage. It takes time to get a new retainer, so don’t risk tooth movement while you wait for a new one.

The amount of tooth movement you can expect if not wearing a retainer depends on several factors. Daily wear of your orthodontic retainer prevents your teeth from becoming crooked again. If any of the factors below apply to you, then always keep a spare retainer on hand.

Factor #1: Were your braces removed less than nine months ago? The same factor applies to aligner treatment, like Invisalign*. Teeth straightened in the last nine months are especially at risk. Recently straightened teeth will move much faster than those treated several years ago. As little as one week without wear may make your retainer no longer fit.

Factor #2: Do you clench your teeth? Many people clench their teeth during the day or while they sleep without even realizing it. The added pressure on your teeth can increase the amount of tooth movement when a retainer is not in place. If you experience pain or clicking in your jaw then you should contact your orthodontist. Your problem may be larger than crooked teeth or a poorly fitting retainer.

Factor #3: Do you suck your thumb, chew on pencils, or hold objects with your teeth? These are examples of habits that can cause your teeth to move. When you put pressure on your teeth you can change your teeth alignment. Braces use pressure to straighten your teeth. But bad habits do just the opposite. They can move your teeth out of alignment.

These three factors can contribute to accelerated tooth movement. To protect the alignment of your teeth wear your retainer every day after your orthodontic treatment ends.

REATAIN™ retainers for life program (RFL) lets you buy your replacement retainer online. It is a comfortable and affordable solution that addresses these factors. Always keep a back-up retainer on hand to prevent unwanted tooth movement.

Once enrolled in RFL, we will send each retainer directly to your home for just $59 plus shipping. Planning ahead can prevent big problems down the road.

*Invisalign is a registered trademark of ALIGN TECHNOLOGY, Inc.

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