RFL Program

REATAIN retainers for life program (RFL) provides insurance for your smile wherever life takes you. When you enroll in RFL you get: 

  • A 3D digital impression of your smile  
  • Your first set of RFL retainers 
  • A handy retainer case for travel and storage 
  • Discounted replacement pricing for retainers and whitening trays

Three easy steps to enroll in the RFL Program

  1. Contact REATAIN to schedule your digital scanning appointment
  2. Enroll in the RFL program for one or two retainers
  3. REATAIN ships your first set of retainers or whitening trays – included with enrollment price

$395 RFL enrollment price for two retainers

$350 RFL enrollment price for one retainer

$59 RFL price per additional retainer

$99 RFL price for optional whitening tray


REATAIN Retainers For Life Program

Getting a new orthodontic retainer can be a hassle.  RFL makes it easy – for life.  When your braces are removed your teeth will drift without a retainer to hold them in place.  More than 50% of former patients stop wearing their retainer. Not surprisingly, more than 50% of former patients’ teeth become crooked again.  Why put your smile at risk? Get lifelong protection for your smile with RFL clear retainers.  A new retainer for your teeth is just one click away.


When you enroll in RFL you can order one retainer for your upper teeth or one retainer for your lower teeth for $350 plus shippingAt $395 plus shipping, you can get two retainers for both your upper and lower teeth. Once enrolled, you can order new retainer at any time at the discounted RFL price of $59 plus shipping. Upon enrollment your initial shipment of new retainers takes 1 – 2 weeks to arrive at your preferred shipping address.

Wire Retainers:

RFL custom clear retainers can replace wire retainers attached to the back-side of your teeth. Wire retainers are permanently bonded to your teeth, but they can bend or break.  If a wire retainer breaks or detaches from your teeth, immediately seek reattachment by your doctor.  RFL clear retainers offer a great alternative to permanent wire retainers because you can easily remove them to brush, floss, eat, etc. Let REATAIN guide you through the transition from permanent to removeable clear retainers. IMPORTANT: do not remove your permanent wire retainer until you receive your new RFL clear retainer.  

Ordering New Retainers:

Just notify us by text, email or phone and we will ship a new retainer to you within 7-10 days.  Rush orders are available for a $25 fee plus express shipping charges.  We store your credit card information and preferred shipping address on our secure server to simplify reorders. For each RFL order just authorizyour payment and confirm your shipping address.  We can even ship to temporary addresses such as hotels and parcel pick-up centers. 

Digital Impressions:

Modern technology has replaced the goopy impression material that can cause drooling and gagging while trays are pressed over your teeth. A digital scanner uses light from a handheld wand to create a 3D image of your teeth in 1 – 3 minutes.  Digital impressions are provided by local REATAIN partners, who are trained experts in taking digital impressions.  

Guaranteed Fit:

Your first set of RFL retainers are guaranteed to fit. Digital impressions provide a highly accurate scan of your teeth. So, your first set of retainers will fit nice and snug. Each RFL retainer will fit just like your first set of retainers because we use the same digital impression to produce each set of RFL retainers and whitening trays. Daily wear of your RFL retainer prevents unwanted tooth movement. Restorative dental work can also affect the fit of your retainer and whitening trays. If your RFL retainer or tray no longer fits then REATAIN will schedule a new digital scan near your home for $195. Thereafter, all RFL retainers using the new digital impression are $59 plus shipping.