Guaranteed Fit

REATAIN guarantees its custom-made retainers and whitening trays will fit its customer’s teeth during the warranty period: within 30 days of the most recent digital impression. If a new retainer or whitening tray does not fit, then contact REATAIN customer service for return instructions of the appliance. Return of the old retainer or whitening tray is required for free replacement and must be shipped within seven (7) calendar days of receiving pre-paid return postage from REATAIN customer service. A new digital impression may be required depending on the outcome of the appliance inspection. Any changes to the shape or position of teeth or any changes to the soft tissue in the mouth nullify the guaranteed fit warranty. After the 30-day warranty period, if the retainer or whitening tray no longer fits, a new digital impression is required (at the customer’s expense) to continue RFL pricing.