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Do you need a new or replacement retainer?  The Reatain Retainers For Life (RFL) program will not only save your smile, it will save you money.  Tired of paying $200 – $400 per replacement dental retainer?  Reatain makes custom retainers from a one time digital scan.  When you enroll in RFL you pay a one time fee of $350 (includes one retainer) or $395 (includes 2 retainers) for your digital scan.  After that we use your scan data to custom make future retainers for only $59 each.

Find out if we can protect your smile with a Reatain clear retainer with no cost or obligation.  Please fill out the form at the right. We will only use your information to let you know if a Reatain retainer is right for you. We never sell or disclose your information to any third party.

Once you submit your information our customer support team will contact you for a free smile assessment. Then you can enroll in REATAIN retainers for life program and buy your replacement retainers online. Upon enrollment we will schedule a 3D scanning appointment near your home and ship your first set of retainers.

Rather call?  Call toll free (800)706-3501 weekdays from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM Eastern Time.  Rather Email?  Send your questions to

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