Posted on: August 28th, 2018
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Are REATAIN™ teeth retainers just like Invisalign retainers?

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Orthodontists can straighten your teeth using clear aligners – like Invisalign*. They can also straighten your teeth using traditional braces. Both aligners and braces move teeth. But, retainers do not move teeth, they hold them in place.

Orthodontists have been using teeth retainers for decades. But, their design has changed over the years. In 1945 an orthodontist in Indiana invented a rubber retainer. It covered both the upper teeth and the lower teeth. It looked like a football mouth guard. Can you imagine wearing a sports mouth guard during the day and wearing it while you sleep at night? As they say: no pain – no gain.

Modern dental retainers are smaller and not made from rubber. Today’s retainers use many materials, they may use wire, acrylic or plastic polymers. All retainers have the same goal, to protect our smile. Invisalign retainers, wire retainers, or clear retainers all have the same purpose. Retainers prevent your teeth from moving if worn properly.

An Invisalign retainer is one of several brands of teeth retainers. Kind of like Kleenex is a brand of facial tissue. No matter what the brand or material the basic laws of physics are at work with all retainers. They hold your straight teeth in place and protect your smile.

The most important feature of a retainer is how well it fits your straightened teeth. All orthodontic retainers are made in a specialized lab using a recent impression of your teeth. An accurate impression results in a good-fitting retainer. How well your retainer works depends less on the material – and more on how often you wear it.

We make REATAIN dental retainers in our lab using digital impressions. Digital impressions are not only the most comfortable for you, but also the most accurate. Your REATAIN teeth retainer is as effective as any other retainer, and costs less than other options. Our online ordering program ships your replacement or spare retainer directly to you.

REATAIN retainers for life program (RFL) was developed to improve daily wear of orthodontic retainers. We can provide any former orthodontic patient with clear retainers.

Your tooth retainer will eventually wear out and need to be replaced, but your smile is forever.

*Invisalign is a registered trademark of ALIGN TECHNOLOGY, Inc

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